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WIne Turbines


SOx Scrubber - Continuous Emission Monitoring System

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SOx Scrubber - Water Quality Monitoring System

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TRO Calibration Kit_edited.jpg

TRO Calibration Kit

Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS)

TRO Calibration Solution Kit is an essential calibration package for the operation of chlorination/oxidation type of ballast water management system.

  • Long shelf life reagent, 5 years

  • Inclusive: 1 x 500 ml Buffer Reagent, 4x 125 ml Indicator, 4 x 13g DPD powder

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Ultraviolet Type Flame Generator

  • Using 5000mAh, 11.2V lithium-ion battery, life time of over 6 hours.

  • Using 65mm H-Type lamp, power of 5W, the peak wavelength 273.5nm dedicated UV lamp, high sensitivity.

  • External thickness of 3mm, the transmittance peak 273.5nm explosing-proof special glass. The case does not affect this band transmittance, effectively protect the internal lamp.

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Water in Oil Monitor System_edited.jpg

Water in Oil (WIO) Monitor System

For Detecting Water in Lubrication System

  • Continuous, rapid detection of water in oil activity (aw)

  • Micro water content in oil of accurate measurement (ppm)

  • Low Long-term stable operation of bad environment

  • Convenient local calibration function

  • High oil and pressure resistance

  • Compact structure, installation converiency

  • Date transmission signal stability, high precision measurement

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