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Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Fixed CO2 System

  • Fixed Foam System

  • Fixed Dry Powder System

  • Fixed Water-Mist & Water-Sprinkler System

  • Fixed Galley Wet Chemical & CO2 System

  • Fixed Gas, Fire & Smoke Alarm Detection System

  • Fixed FM200 & Halon System

  • Fixed Novec1230 System

  • Trolley & Portable Fire Extinguishers

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Life Saving Apparatus

  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

  • Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)

  • Medical Oxygen Resuscitator Set

  • Immersion Suit

  • Inflatable Life Jacket

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Lifeboat and Davit

  • Jiangsu Jiaoyan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd (Jiangyin Xinjiang F.R.P. Co., Ltd)

  • Ningbo Asia F.R.P Boat Manufacturing Co., Ltd

  • Wuxi Dongwu Marine EquipmentCo., Ltd

  • Wuxi Haihong Boat Making Co., Ltd

  • Wuxi Wenjiao Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Factory

  • Oriental Inspection & Service Co., Ltd

  • Zhenjiang Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltd

  • Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industy Co., Ltd

  • Shigi Ship Building Co., Ltd

  • Tsuneishi Forestry Construction Co., Ltd

  • Nishi-F Co., Ltd

  • Ishihara Dockyard Co., Ltd

  • Mansei Industry Co., Ltd

  • Miura Machine Co., Ltd

  • Sekigahara Seisakusho Ltd

  • Hyundai Lifeboats Co., Ltd

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Life Raft

Life Raft.jpg
  • All Viking series liferaft (Danmark);

  • Fujikura, SUMITOMO、MITSUBISHI (Japan)

  • RFD, DSB

  • Samgong Industrial Co. Ltd - Samgong SG-F, SG-SV, SG-D (Korea);

  • Shanghai Star Rubber Products Co. Ltd - CSM (China);

  • Shanghai Youlong Rubber Products Co. Ltd - Youlong (China);

  • Shanghai Haian Lifesaving Equipment Co. Ltd - HAF (China);

  • Shanghai Huaxiang dacheng Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd - (China)

  • Haiyanpai, HYF & QJF Brand liferaft;

  • Jiangsu Haining Marine Equipment Plant of China - NHF (China);

  • Yantai Huayang Rubber Product Co. Ltd - "Huayang" HYA, HYB, HY-Y,    HY-YJ;

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Navigational / GMDSS Equipment

GMDSS Equipment.jpg
  • Magnetic compass calibration

  • VDR annual test

  • Gyro annual overhaul

  • GMDSS radio survey

  • Radar maintenance service

  • SSAS reprograming


  • Inmarsat C repair

  • ECDIS supply and service

  • Other NAV/COM equipment service

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Services: Our Services
Services: Our Services
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